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5 YouTube Channels for a Fun at Home Workout!

Prior to COVID, I never gave my attention to the idea of working out at home. Exercising at home always seemed boring to me. Exercising to me meant going to the basketball court, going for a bike ride, going to salsa lessons or anything else outside of my house. At my house there weren’t a bunch of people around to laugh with, no one to tell me if I’m doing an exercise wrong or a really nice sound system. With the weather getting colder and the risk of COVID still high, I had to find a way to make exercising at home fun.

Here are five YouTube channels that have made working out at home more fun: 

I love to dance! I’ve done just about every video that Mike Peele has released. I look forward to “Top Top Tuesdays.” Doing a 30-minute exercise on my computer seemed impossible before. But, the time goes by so fast! I turn the music up (as loud as my computer can go) and dance like nobody is watching.

Visit Mike Peele’s YouTube Channel

Doing yoga with Adrienne has been so relaxing and peaceful. My first experience with yoga was with P90X and to be honest I was scarred, lol. To me, yoga was only something you did after a grueling workout. But, I’ve been so tense lately! I truly believe it’s my bodies reaction to the anxiety. If you need some relaxation in your life check it out.

Visit Yoga with Adriene’s YouTube Channel

Just Dance is my favorite game to play on the Wii. In college, I found that some people posted videos of them playing Just Dance. Since I didn’t bring my Wii with me to school it was perfect. I never really thought of it as “working out at home”, I was playing a game. However, watching Just Dance videos online have been my go-to workouts as of late.

To Find Videos, search “Just Dance” on YouTube 

I’m a huge Marvel fan and a big kid at heart. When I found this YouTube channel, I was geeked. Like, who wouldn’t want to exercise with Black Panther, Captain America and Spiderman? The exercises are simple and fun to do. They have videos for fans of Harry Potter, Star Wars and Justice League too.

Visit Get Kids Moving’s YouTube Channel

The Arnie Party’s quick 8-minute video was perfect. I was sweating in the first 2 minutes and before I could even start to complain about the fact that my legs hurt, it was over. I felt sore afterward like I’d just did a 30-minute workout. 

Visit The Arnie Party’s YouTube Channel

I’m not paid to share any of the above YouTube channels. These are legit my favorite YouTube channels that I use to make working out at home more bearable (I miss playing basketball, ya’ll). 

Do you have a favorite YouTube workout channel? Share your favorite in the comments below!

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