TämBwoy’s vibrant style, fun big sister vibes, relatable stories, and valuable content is giving voice to female athletes that may not be the headline of the latest sports broadcast. TämBwoy provides a catalog of sports programs for girls, hosts events, sells products, and shares engaging blog posts/stories. By telling the stories of females whose sports experiences have impacted their professional and personals lives, TämBwoy hopes to inspire the next generation to become lifelong athletes. Whether a girl spends 20 hours a week on the court or spends 1 hour a week swimming at their community center, TämBwoy believes that every girl should find a sport they enjoy playing. Sports are human activity, and being an athlete doesn’t define who you are or what else you can do! TämBwoy wants every girl to know that the valuable life lessons they learn from sports can help them achieve any dream!



Shayna is a lifelong athlete; she’s literally been playing sports since she could walk. Ever since being gifted a Little Tikes Hoop at  2 years old, she’s been hooked. While her passion began with basketball, she’s tried out every sport imaginable – football, gymnastics, track and field, softball, just to name a few. Shayna never played sports at the collegiate or professional level but she knows how much sports have made an impact on her life. She has been committed to helping girls everywhere find joy in sports and form their own lasting love like she has.

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